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1994, a year when a duo of strong minded & creative individuals dared to put their dreams & visions to test in order to bring forth ideas & products in the most creative & impressive manner, while building a long list of loyal clients.

After almost two decades, Resonance has become your one stop solution for all your branding & corporate communication needs. From print media to outdoors, from campaigns to events, we ensure that each job is executed after thoroughly understanding client need & vision to create a perfect client- customer conversation.

Our work reflects integrated thinking, comprehensive strategizing & application of highly inspiring creativity. With a pool of qualified professionals & an able leadership, we have been able to satisfactorily serve many brands & organizations to optimize their business performance & build strong brands. We believe in innovative yet simple ideas that allow high engagement with your target audience.


Resonance has been fortunate to have dedicated & qualified personnel that believe in independent thinking & flexibility. They are open to new ideas & easy to work with team. Their work echoes their ability to create beyond expectations. Our staff includes designers, visualizers, production managers, copywriters, freelancers, illustration artists & calligraphers.

Achyut Palav

Achyut Palav is one of the rare artists who with his unmatched skills in calligraphy, has elevated the status of handwriting to an eloquent art form. With his excellent designing expertise, keen sense of today’s markets & advertising scenario, he has spearheaded many successful campaigns & promotions over the years.

This graduate of Sir J.J.School of Applied Arts has extensively researched & developed interesting literature in the field of calligraphy. In his 5 years as a professor in his alma, Achyut became one of the most liked professors among his students. The vision & zeal of this co-founder of Resonance has been an eternal inspiration & driving force behind many success stories. He, with his immense experience & acumen has been able to strike a fine balance between the involvement of seniors in the day-to-day working while allowing adequate freedom to the designers & visualizers to work on the conventional & non-conventional platforms.

Shraddha Palav

A Sir J.J.School of Applied Arts gold medalist in typography, Shraddha has been the backbone of Resonance. To her colleagues she is an encouragement & to her juniors a caring mentor. Her expertise in the field of advertising & remarkable technical knowledge has benefitted Resonance in achieving efficient & effortless execution of many campaigns & events.


Our approach-

Our role: Your business growth partner We work closely with you to achieve
Business Insight: To completely understand your business model, we come in as growth enablers, and learn from you.
Customer Understanding: To completely understand your customers needs, aspirations and demands, we learn from you and your customers and partners.
Brand Vision: Work with you to build and deploy a brand vision that meets your communication aspirations, based on our business insight and customer understanding

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